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The World Heritage Wealth of Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal

The UNESCO World Heritage program was created to identify and preserve the most remarkable cultural, historical, and natural treasures of our world. These places, scattered throughout the globe, offer unique snapshots of history, glimpses of nature at its finest, or a chance to experience vibrant local cultures.

Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal all have their fair (well, maybe unfair!) share of these sites, and no trip to visit these countries would be complete without exploring at least one or two of these marvelous locations.

But knowing when, how and which ones to visit is not always easy, and building the rest of your itinerary around what can sometimes be quite distant destinations can be hard work. Luckily Smart Plans is here to do all of that for you.

How Can Smart Plans Help You Better Experience World Heritage Sites?

With over 30 World Heritage sites scattered across the three destinations, regardless of which one you are traveling to, Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal have an overwhelming number of sites to choose from. Even more complicated, they are often far apart, with many hours, if not days, of travel between them.

If you are already planning your trip, and just need advice about which ones make for the best day trips or how to integrate visiting some into your itinerary, my travel consultation service is the ideal solution. You will get specific answers from a travel expert with local experience.

On the other hand, if you know you want to visit some or all of these World Heritage Sites, but do not yet have a planned itinerary to do so, let Smart Plans make one for you. In addition to fitting in the heritage sites you wish (or picking them out for you) your customized travel itinerary will be tailored to your preferences, activities, needs, and restrictions to offer the ideal travel plan without any of the stress or hassle of organizing it yourself.

A Glimpse of The World Heritage Wonders of Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal

If you are unsure what to see when visiting these regions, World Heritage Sites often make for ideal destinations. Whether of historical importance, natural beauty, or cultural significance, all are chosen because they preserve something truly unique about the region, country, or world.

In Hungary, the capital of Budapest is unmissable, but we will help you visit and experience each of the many significant historical periods captured in the architecture of this truly unique world heritage site.

In Italy (Sicily), nature lovers may choose to hike the volcanic summit of Mount Etna or take a boat out to the Aeolian Islands, while others may prefer the historical and cultural sights of Syracuse, where the impact of Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman, and Italian cultures are all visible to this day.

An entire trip could be planned around the world heritage sites within less than a day’s travel of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, or you could travel along the coast from the cultural landscape of Sintra in the south to the Bom Jesus do Monte chapel in Braga in the north.

There is no doubt that each of these nations offers a breathtaking variety of natural and cultural wonders, of which the World Heritage Sites may just be the very most iconic. Book a consultation with Smart Plans today to begin planning your trip to experience the best of Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal, without any of the stress of organizing it yourself.