Smart Plans

What Is Travel Consultation?

Travel consultation is a way for me to put my experience and expertise at your disposal to help you plan an upcoming trip. Either by answering your questions by email, or in a short consultation call, I provide clear, personalized, and helpful feedback on your existing plan or specific questions.

If you only have the bare bones of a plan, or are completely lost during the drafting stage, you might prefer a 

customized travel itinerary

What Is Included?

I will provide answers, insights, and advice, based on extensive local experience as well as familiarity with the hospitality industries in each location and an international perspective.

You will be able to discuss your upcoming trip, receive key recommendations, and get honest and helpful answers to your questions. Or send your pressing questions by email to have them answered promptly and clearly.

What Is Not Included?

I am not a travel agent. You will not have to deal with any middlemen or commissions. Your bookings will not cost you any extra, in fact, you will do all the final bookings yourself, giving you 100% control over your travel experience.

Who Is It for?

A travel consultation is ideal for someone who wants to make their own plans, with assistance from a travel expert with local experience. You could be:

  • Preparing a trip for your significant other or family,
  • Traveling on business and hoping to spend a few extra days sightseeing or wandering what to do with your free time,
  • Visiting future homes and hoping to get an ideal experience of the area,
  • Traveling outside your home country for the first time, and needing advice,
  • A seasoned traveler putting the final touches on your plan,
  • Anyone else, seeking answers or advice about visiting HungaryItaly (Sicily) or Portugal

If you send me questions and/or a draft of your own plan we will go over them during your personalized travel consultation.

Make sure your trip is perfect by reaching out today for a FREE briefing call, your first step to getting personalized advice and helpful answers with a Smart Plans travel consultation.

How Does It Work?

If you have your draft itinerary and some questions you can opt for an on-line consultation.

If you have only questions regarding your destination you can opt for a consultation by e-mail.

Consultation on-line

Consultation by e-mail

                                                      1. Book your FREE briefing call                                                        

2. Pay the full consultation fee

3. E-mail me your draft plan

4. Schedule your consultation by e-mail

5. Discuss your draft plan

3. E-mail me your questions

(max. 10 questions per e-mail consultation)

4. Receive your answers within 24h

How Long Is An On-line Consultation?

Each consultation call lasts 60 minutes. *

*Please note a 60-minute on-line consultation can cover up to a 12-day trip. 

If your plan is longer you will need to purchase additional sessions.

How Much Does A Travel Consultation Cost?

Online: EUR 99*/50 minutes

E-mail: EUR 59*/max. 10 questions

*The fees exclude 23% VAT.

Refund Policy

Payments for consultations cannot be refunded as the work will have been accrued.

If you are forced to cancel your trip, and you have travel insurance, your Smart Plans invoice may let them reimburse some of your expenses.