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Italy (Sicily): Soak up The Mediterranean Sun

Italy’s largest island, Sicily, is surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. With year-round sunshine, pristine beaches on all sides, and a rich cultural and historical heritage, this Italian gem has something to offer every visitor.

Rising out of the cool and inviting waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily’s shores have been witnessed to millennia of human history and home to civilizations whose temples, frescos, and palaces can still be visited today.

Sicily is steeped in hospitality and warmth and welcomes visitors with mouth-watering cuisine that combines the best of Italian and Mediterranean gastronomy with local wines and the freshest fish and seafood.

The perfect destination for beach-side relaxation, historical sightseeing, or fine dining, Sicily is a breath of fresh air you will have trouble parting with.

Smart Plans bears no responsibility for the heartbreak you may feel upon having to leave after experiencing this unique Italian region through the perfect personalized trip.

Your Smart Plan for Visiting Sicily

Regardless of what aspects of Sicily you wish to experience, my travel consultation service will help you figure out how and our customized trip itinerary will plan out the perfect set of destinations and activities.

Wine and food lovers will know exactly which charming seaside restaurant will carry the best local wines.

Handicraft enthusiasts will do more than just find where to buy some of Sicily’s world-famous ceramics, they will be able to see the artists at work or get their own hands covered in clay.

Book and film fans will see some of the landscapes featured in their favorite reels or walk in the footsteps of famous authors and their characters.

Travelers seeking to visit before relocating will discover what life is like on this idyllic island, while those hoping to escape the rigors and stressors of a busy world will find solace in the perfect special retreats.

Every traveler is unique, so every smart travel plan to Sicily I deliver is as well. Each journey is perfectly tailored to your interests and the experiences you hope to have. Take the first step of that journey by booking your consultation call now.