Smart Plans

Explore Handicraft Traditions in Hungary, Italy (Sicily), & Portugal

Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal are all known for their traditional hand-crafted ceramics, jewelry, weaving, embroidery, and more. Each region offers unique combinations of methods and materials to produce authentic and captivating pieces that many travelers will not wish to leave without.

Whether you just enjoy browsing the final products or wish to dive deep into the traditional methods used to make them, Smart Plans can integrate your passion for local handicrafts into your travel itinerary or center the whole trip around them.

We can help you visit workshops to see artisans at work, find small hidden villages where traditional techniques have been kept alive for centuries, and get hands-on experience crafting items of your own under the guidance of local experts.

What Is the Best Way to Discover the Handicrafts?

Every traveler will have a different level of interest in handicrafts, from a passing fancy to a life-long passion. By adapting your trip to your preferences, Smart Plans will help ensure you are best able to experience the handicrafts of Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal.

Perhaps you already have a trip in mind and need advice from a local expert on where to shop for authentic goods, or which towns are known for what crafts. My travel consultation service will have all the answers you need to finalize your travel plans.

Alternatively, we can put together a tailor-made travel plan that can make sure you never miss a chance to shop for high-quality local handicrafts while traveling, or one that takes you on a deep dive into a specific craft, from the regions where the raw materials are collected to the workshop where you will put the finishing touches on the piece.

What Can Smart Plans Help a Handicraft Lover Find in Each Destination?

When it comes to experiencing local and traditional handicrafts in Hungary, Italy (Sicily), or Portugal, the short answer is anything, and the long answer is everything. Each country or region has dozens of different vibrant handicraft traditions which travelers help keep alive to this day. Your experience of them can vary from browsing the most authentic products to learning how to make them yourself.

In Hungary, each day of your trip might include a stop at a different traditional artisan’s store, or you might spend a whole day in a village learning to weave, dye and embroider as they have done for hundreds of years.

The beautifully painted hand-made ceramics you return from Italy (Sicily) with might be one you haggled over in a beach-side market or one you made yourself after a week-long course.

In Portugal, you might watch a tile maker crafting the same tiles that adorn the outer walls of your hotel in Lisbon, or spend hours picking out the perfect hand-made basket to bring back all the tasty treats you’ve been buying for your family back home.

Traveling in search of handicrafts can be a difficult experience, with tourist traps selling knockoff replicas on every corner. Take the stress out of the equation by letting Smart Plans craft the perfect handicraft experience for you in Hungary, Italy (Sicily), or Portugal so that you can spend your time and energy on what you love: discovering or recreating the traditional artisanry of each destination.