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Experience The Food and Wine of Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal

One of the greatest joys of visiting any country is getting a taste of the nation’s cuisine. From traditional delicacies to modern gastronomy inspired by local flavors and ingredients, no trip is complete without a few meals.  Dishes that can be accompanied by wines you will never find on a supermarket shelf because they are locally sourced and produced to capture the unique flavor of the region’s terroir.

Each destinations has their own vineyards and grape varietals, just as they have their own unique cuisine styles and ingredients. Smart Plans will help you experience them for yourself, by helping you expand your palate or find local restaurants adapted to your needs and tastes.

Why Is Smart Plans The Best Way to Experience Local Food And Wine?

Whether you are looking to spice up your trip with local flavors or take a deep dive into the food and wine industries that have shaped local cuisine, Smart Plans is here to help.

Travelers who already have an itinerary, but are looking for food, wine, or restaurant recommendations can get all their questions answered by travel experts with local insights through my travel consultation service. 

Food and wine enthusiasts who know where they want to go or what they want to taste, but do not have a plan, can get a customized travel plan instead. My personalized trips can be adapted to your tastes, appetites, and interests, and always come with restaurant recommendations that suit your needs. So, whether your destination is in Hungary, Italy (Sicily), or Portugal, I will help make sure you experience the best local food and wine.

A Taste of A Smart Plans Travel Itinerary to Hungary, Italy (Sicily), Or Portugal

Every individual has different tastes and preferences when it comes to food and wine, and each country or region is different when it comes to flavors, pairings, and ingredients. Here at Smart Plans,  relish the challenge of matching travelers’ tastes to local flavors.

We offer anything from a normal trip itinerary interspersed with idyllic restaurants to a food-and-wine-focused journey where each day offers new insights into the savors and flavors of your destination.

You might just want to taste the sweet world-renowned Tokaji wines of Hungary or instead, enjoy an afternoon cooking class on how to prepare Hungarian paprikash.

Your trip to Italy (Sicily) could take you through a different sun-dappled vineyard each day, or just ensure that every day ends with a sumptuous seafood feast.

In Portugal, we can help you find the rare but refreshing restaurants that offer vegetarian options, or take you out into the waters of the Atlantic on a traditional fishing vessel.

Don’t waste time each night looking for a decent restaurant only to end up disappointed in another tourist trap. Smart Plans does the hard work for you so that you can focus on what is most important: savoring the flavors of your destination each day.