Smart Plans

Explore Hungary, Italy (Sicily) and Portugal

I specialize in crafting customized travel experiences exclusively designed for busy professionals, families, or people who love traveling but do not want to manage the planning process. My focus is on these three destinations close to my heart:

Hungary is in the heart of Europe and it can be considered a crossroad of Eastern and Western influences as well as history and modernity. Discover the best of Hungary with Smart Plans.

Sicily is Italy’s seaside gem, surrounded by Mediterranean waters, its history and culture are as bright as the year-round sun on the island. Experience the perfect personalized Sicilian holiday with Smart Plans.

Portugal awaits. The sights, sounds, and tastes of one of Europe’s most popular destinations are yours to unlock with Smart Plans; perfectly customized to your traveling style, needs, and expectations.

With a deep-rooted sense of belonging in the historical towns of Hungary, the vineyards of Portugal, and the sun-kissed beaches of Sicily in Italy, each trip I curate is an exquisite blend of local charm, and authenticity, and free from tourist traps.