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What Is a Customized Travel Plan?

Everyone deserves the ideal travel experience, but not everyone has the time, knowledge, or experience to plan one.

A customized travel plan is your complete and personalized itinerary with hotel, restaurant, activity recommendations and more. Each plan is unique because every traveler is unique. The customized travel plans I deliver put you first, and because you do the actual bookings, you retain full agency over your trip.

What Is Included?

At Smart Plans there are two available travel plan packages, based on how much help and advice you need, and how detailed a plan you wish to receive.

Silver – Customized Plan: 

For those who need a tailor-made plan, including suggestions on hotels, good restaurants for each location, outing ideas, and activities that match your interests.

I will provide a brief, customized informative itinerary in writing in response to your needs and answers to a questionnaire. You make final reservations and payments directly to venues like hotels.

Gold – Personalized Detailed Itinerary:

For travelers who want the perfect trip, with a plan tailored to their tastes, preferences, and dreams. You need everything done from the groundwork to the daily details for hotels, restaurants, and activities.

I will provide a detailed and fully customized itinerary. You make the final decisions and reservations (with some exceptions) and pay for the venues. In addition, I will provide assistance while traveling.


Free Briefing Call (15 minutes)

Consultations and Itinerary Details

Recommendations – hotels, restaurants, sights and activities, flights, public transport, car rentals, private tour guides, arrival pick up, etc.

Customized Travel Plan – Itinerary in writing

Assistance in booking – restaurants, private tour guide, activities, destination pick up and transport (subject to negotiation, special condition apply)

Availability of a bilingual expert during the trip

Number of consultations on draft and final plan (40 minutes/session)















How Much Does a Customized Travel Plan Cost?

Each plan costs a certain amount per day of itinerary needed, based on whether you chose the silver or gold package, as well as the complexity of the plan required and the number of travelers.

Days in which you require no plan or itinerary will not be charged for, such as if you are spending an entire day at a beach you already picked out, or if you need a certain number of days to visit houses with a realtor during your stay. The price per day for your trip will be discussed at the end of the Free briefing call, once your needs and requirements are clear. 

Extra Consultations, As Required

If, after having our final consultation, you require additional assistance or have some last-minute changes that need to be taken into account, or if you have more questions, you can always request an extra consultation.

Fee: EUR 49/20 minutes 

(excl. 23% VAT)

Refund Policy

Payments (including the deposit) for customized travel planning services cannot be refunded as the work will have been accrued.

If you are forced to cancel your trip, and you have travel insurance, your Smart Plans invoice may let them reimburse some of your expenses.