Smart Plans

Experience Hungary, Italy, & Portugal Through Inspired Books & Films

Every movie is a lens through which a country, region, or city can be experienced. And every book captures something unique about its setting. But while neither can replace the sights, sounds, and tastes of visiting these places in person, they can certainly accentuate the experience of doing so.

Book and film enthusiasts will love seeing a favorite title come to life as they travel or be delighted to learn about how and where inspiration for a work of literature was born, or a movie shot.

As your ticket to a personalized travel experience, Smart Plans will be able to integrate your favorite titles, fuel your passion for literature and film and help you discover the great works that have shaped – or been shaped by – Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal.

How Can Book And Film Fans Benefit from A Smart Plan?

If you are a lover of literature or the silver screen, there is a great wealth of local lore out there for you to experience in HungaryItaly (Sicily), or Portugal. But knowing where to find the locations a film was shot, or the places that inspired great authors, can be difficult.

If you are already planning your trip, and wish to integrate the knowledge of a local expert and insight of a fellow literature-loving traveler, our travel consultation service is the perfect place to find advice, tips, honest evaluations, and of course, get all your questions answered.

If you know where you want to go, but not how best to experience the destination, a customized trip itinerary is the ideal way to make each day magical or to plan an entire journey around a favorite novel or film.

I save you the time and hassle of planning so that you can sit back, re-read your favorite novel, and get ready to experience it in person.

What Events, Places, Or Activities Will Book And Film Lovers Experience?

Just as each film and book captures a different side of a region or country, each trip can be tailored to fit the activities you know and love or to help you discover new ones.

Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal are all countries or regions that have inspired countless authors, locals, and foreigners alike, captured the imagination of directors, or given birth to famous actors and actresses.

In Hungary, you could spend an entire day visiting and touring the sets and sights of the country’s very own movie industry studio town, an insider view of the film industry you would struggle to find in Hollywood.

In Italy (Sicily), you might walk the halls where Greek and Roman poets wrote, or dive into the culture that gave birth to the characters of The Godfather.

Portugal’s storied hills might call to mind the magical realism of Martel, while the monastery of Mafra can give you a first-hand experience of what Baltasar and Blimunda so animatedly helped build in José Saramago’s novel.

If you have a taste for literary landscapes or love posing for pictures straight out of a film, book a call with Smart Plans today to start planning your next adventure in Hungary, Italy (Sicily), or Portugal.