Smart Plans

Experience Hungary, Italy (Sicily), Or Portugal Before Relocating​

No one should move to a country without at least experiencing the life, culture, and cuisine of their future home. Before relocating, let Smart Plans take you on a tour of your future home. Not the houses, that is what real estate agencies are for, but the streets, landscapes, and flavors that you are about to be immersed in.

By matching the trip to your interests, preferred activities, and travel tastes, I (who have relocated many times) will be able to give you an authentic and well-rounded experience of what you can look forward to after moving to Hungary, Italy (Sicily), or Portugal.

What “Before Relocating” Services Are Included In A Smart Plan?

Unlike a real estate agency that is trying to sell you a house, our objective is to sell you on life in the country or region you are considering a future move to.

If you are already planning your trip but need a few more insights about how to experience local life, our travel consultation service can help answer your questions and help you finalize your plan, and tailor your visit to your goals.

Relocating can be a particularly busy and stressful time, so many travelers will prefer a more complete customized travel plan. By removing the hassle of planning, and ensuring your trip covers each facet of the area you wish to experience, we save you time and effort while letting you focus on what is most important: falling in love with your future home.

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Who Can Benefit from A “Before Relocating” Smart Plan?

Anyone who is considering or planning a move to Hungary, Italy (Sicily), or Portugal can benefit from a personalized and accurate taste of what life has to offer there. Such a trip could be your chance to choose a town to live in or just get a feel for the local climate. It will not, however, be some boring house scouting expedition.

In Hungary, you might be able to check out the different architecture of various quarters in Budapest before moving there for work  or retirement.

While visiting Portugal, you will have a chance to walk the vineyards which might stock your future wine cellar.

After returning from Italy (Sicily), you will know which beaches are the best within an easy drive from your future  home.

Regardless of the motives for your upcoming move, work, retirement, seasonal vacations, or even just a real estate investment, a smart travel plan gives you a unique way to experience the destination through the eyes of a foreigner but the heart of a local.