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Custom Travel Itineraries for
Hungary, Italy (Sicily), & Portugal

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Get your custom travel itinerary for Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal.
Tailored to suit busy professionals and travel enthusiasts.

The planning of our trip by Magdolna to Sicily was impeccable. The activities that she organized were all interesting, allowing us to explore and learn about the culture, history and cuisine of Sicily. Magdolna also was able to find some excellent restaurants to introduce us to the local flavours and made sure that there was always enough time to explore and rest.


Custom Travel Itinerary Services

Customized Travel Planning​

Are you a busy professional seeking a unique and authentic travel experience? Let me create a personalized itinerary tailored to your interests and preferences. As a local insider with a foreigner’s perspective, I’ll guide you to the best places to go, stay, and eat in Hungary, Italy (Sicily), and Portugal for an unforgettable journey.

Travel Consultation​

Overwhelmed by the task of planning your dream vacation? Let me handle the details, so you can focus on creating lasting memories. From transportation to accommodations and dining, I’ll take care of the planning, ensuring a stress-free and immersive experience in your chosen destination.


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Magdolna recently planned a perfect trip to Hungary for us. She did an amazing job from start to finish. She researched the best places and activities, and created a custom travel itinerary that fit our budget and tastes. I recommend Magdolna to everyone, she is a great travel planner.


I would recommend Magdolna’s services to anyone looking to plan a perfect trip. I am busy managing my daily life with a toddler so I felt so at ease knowing that all the planning was handled expertly, and I had a wonderful trip to Portugal as a result. I would recommend Magdolna’s custom travel itinerary services to anyone looking to plan a perfect trip.


About Smart Plans

Are you a busy travel enthusiast struggling to find time for planning your next adventure? Let me help. Hi, I’m Magdolna, a Hungarian native with a decade of experience living in Sicily (Italy) and five years in Portugal. I understand the challenges you face when it comes to planning and creating unforgettable experiences.

That’s why I’m here to make your travel dreams a reality with my local insights and foreigner’s perspective.


I specialize in crafting customized travel itineraries & experiences exclusively designed for busy professionals, families, or people who love traveling but do not want to manage the planning process. My focus is on these three destinations close to my heart:

With a deep-rooted sense of belonging in the historical towns of Hungary, the vineyards of Portugal, and the sun-kissed beaches of Sicily in Italy, each trip I curate is an exquisite blend of local charm, authenticity, and free from tourist traps.


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